Do you frequently google “DIY e-juices recipes”? This article is for you!

Lots of vapers often want to try their hand at mixing e-juices to create something special for themselves. Sure, you need to know how to create a DIY e-liquid.

To create it by yourself you should have basic instruments: small 6 and 10 ml bottles, the 1-3 ml Pasteur pipette as well as basic components for e-juices and flavors.

There are three stages of creating e-liquids on your own:

  1. defining a necessary amount of nicotine;
  2. choosing basic components for the e-juice;
  3. adding flavors.

Typically, basic components are propylene glycol and glycerol. Sometimes, there is also a distilled water.

Basic components define the vaping effect. Standard balances of glycerol and propylene glycol are 80 to 20, 70 to 30 or 50 to 50. If you add more of the first ingredient, you’ll get thick vapor, if you choose the second one, you’ll get a more mouth-filling taste. Everything depends on your preferences.

You need to mix all ingredients in the correct order: first, add nicotine in propylene glycol (if it is necessary), then – glycerol, at the end – flavors. Every DIY e-juice should be soaked during several days.

To understand which flavors you prefer, you need to try e-liquids on sale and define those you like the most. Nowadays, there are plenty of forums where vapers share recipes of their own e-juices and give feedback on various flavors. It is difficult to mix e-juices without proper knowledge. Nevertheless, if you learn precise proportions for creating the e-juice, you’ll be able to do it.

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