Genesis RDTA from Coil Master: would you like 6 ml of e-liquid?

Coil Master is mainly focused on accessories to vaping products. Recently, the company has decided to capture a new segment of the vaping market. Currently, the manufacturer is developing atomizers. Say hello to Genesis RDTA, a new product from Coil Master.

Lately, many tanks and RDAs have similar designs. Hardly ever can one run into something unique. Genesis RDTA didn’t surprise vapers as it has a lot in common with its ‘fellows’.

The developers pulled a shrewd move by mixing best practices of other companies in one device. Notably, the outcome is pretty interesting. For instance, Velocity posts that undoubtedly are user-friendly. Cotton has to be put in special holes.

An airflow system has two platforms with four holes in each. To adjust inhaling, rotate a top cap, which will take you just a while.

Tank volume is 6 ml, which is a great advantage of the atomizer ‘cause it increases the vaping time. E-liquid filling is the only thing that could be elaborated. Users have to remove a cap and pour an e-juice in the hole.

Price – 30 USD.

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