Minion Vape Mod Kit by Mig Vapor: for those vaping on the go

Mig Vapor can spark interest to its devices using just model names: Neo Vape Mod Kit, Morheus Vape Mod Kit, and now another novelty – Minion Vape Mod Kit. This device we are going to study in more details right now.

The manufacturer specifies the set-up design as minimalistic, however it is not quite the case. Unusual shape of the tank and fire button together with a wide range of available color options are not quite relatable to minimalism. The device is made of stainless steel (including drip tip).

The maximum output wattage is 30 W. This mod is compatible with sub-ohm atomizers designed for 0.05-0.5 ohm resistance range. It has heat control function: when reaching 77 ˚С, the device turns off automatically and can be restarted only after cooling off.

The device is powered by a single 3000 mAh battery, which heats quite fast when working at high wattage. So that the heat control function may be annoying.

The tank capacity is 3 ml. It goes with two 0.5 ohm atomizers.

Minion Vape Mod Kit by Mig Vapor is another simple device that do not require much knowledge, and designed for either beginners or those who vape rarely. Its price is $50.

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