Mister Tank RTA by TRIPLESIXMODS: matter of size

TRIPLESIXMODS has produced the new Mister Tank RTA. Apparently, each coil builder will desire to possess it. Why? Let’s see.

Is there anything unusual about its design? Generally, everything is as usual save one: the tank is enormous! The fact is that its diameter is 30 mm. The kit includes two heat-resistance glasses of various height and additional top cap. But even if one installs the smallest glass, the tank will be still pretty wide. It is offered in three colors: black, steel, and golden.

So, taking into account the tank size, future owners should make sure whether the novelty will suit their mods: not every device will look nice along with this giant.

What advantages does such a diameter have? Initially, it provides a broad serviced base, which means the following: convenient maintenance and the coolest coils. There are two posts, allowing to fix two coils on either side. Holes for the ends are wide, as expected.

This monster should be equipped with a power airflow system in order to reveal its whole potential. The manufacturer realizes this fact just as well as customers do, therefore it has provided the tank with the low regulated system, supplying air to the serviced chamber. Besides, slots are right near places for ends.

The tank capacity changes depending on the top cap that users choose.

Mister Tank RTA by TRIPLESIXMODS is a real monster among tanks. You should just select a corresponding mod and pay $50 just for the novelty.

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