Unusual ARROW RDTA tank by Teslacigs

Teslacigs is famous on the vape market not only for its box mods, but also for its atomizers. Previously, the manufacturer used to produce quite ordinary tanks. Recently, the company has started creating quite remarkable atomizers. ARROW RDTA is one of them.

The first thing that catches the eye is the design of the body. One will notice at once that the upper part of the tank is narrower than the connecting one. The manufacturer explains this by the fact that this way it is possible to make an atomizer with a small chamber keeping a 25 ml diameter.

Basically, such an interesting solution had to result in an interesting base design, but unfortunately, developers went for the standard Velocity posts. There are four holes for wick installing.

The airflow system is very simple consisting of two air intake slots. Airflow is adjusted by turning the o-ring. For those who find it difficult to figure out which way to turn the o-ring, the body has a designation showing the right movement direction.

Tank has an unusual shape: developers made the upper part narrow, which made a positive impact on e-liquid taste delivery. The tank capacity is 3.5 ml, although the manufacturer could easily go for 4 ml. It can be filled only by removing the deck, which is not so convenient to use.

Average price of the device is 20$.

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