Video report from the main Ukrainian vape exhibition – VAPEXPO Kiev 2016

Did you miss one of the most expected exhibitions of the country on April 1-2? Or did you hang out incredibly and want to remember main highlights of VAPEXPO Kiev 2016? Smile Expo event organizer team prepared a video report with the most important events at the exhibition.

VAPEXPO Kiev 2016 became a real breakthrough for Ukraine because previously such a large-scale vape party has never taken place! We became the first who held it and made sure that Ukrainian vaping does exist. And a great amount of participants and attendees have proven that this industry is just developing. The exhibition brought together all industry leaders from the CIS countries: from famous bloggers to large vape shops owners.

For those who have been only getting acquainted with vaping culture we organized thematic master classes. Advanced vapers also had something to do, for instance, to communicate with famous bloggers, hang out to powerful DJ sets and enjoy Twerk girls’ performance.

Within VAPEXPO Kiev 2016, we have determined the best cloud chaser (cloud contest), vaper queen (the winner was Nina Kot) and the best flavor e-liquid at the event (WICK&WIRE).

Every guest of the exhibition could taste any e-liquid and try new devices of the vaping market!

The rocking party dedicated to healthy vapor did not leave anyone indifferent. Let’s see the event in our vape video.

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Regarding participation in the exhibition and sponsorship

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Regarding participation in the exhibition and sponsorship

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Regarding participation in the exhibition and sponsorship

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